Note! Never pay a ransom.

A secure backup is the only alternative to simply paying the ransom,” this is the conclusion from the Veeam 2023 ranswomware trends report. This report, based on the experiences of 1,200 organizations that experienced a cyberattack in 2022, highlights the increasing risk and serious consequences of cyberattacks. In addition, this report emphasizes the importance of immutable storage and airgapped media as a necessary security measure. What are the most interesting and shocking statistics? And how do you ensure a secure backup so you don’t have to pay a ransom? You can read the answers to these questions in this blog.

Interesting findings

Unlike potential natural disasters such as fire or flooding, becoming a victim of a cyber attack is much more likely. When one considers that on average an organization loses 15% of their production data in each attack, it is not surprising that more investment and priority is being given to both preventing cyber attacks and significantly improved recovery processes and technologies.

  • 60% of organizations need significant or complete revisions between backup and cybersecurity teams.
  • The most common element of an incident response plan is proper backup.
    • Clean backup copies, containing data that is “survivable” against attacks and does not contain malicious code.
    • Periodic verifications that backups are recoverable.
  • 77% of ransoms were paid by insurance, but that is becoming more difficult and expensive.
  • 80% of victims paid the ransom, but many were still unable to recover their data.
  • 45% of production data was affected/affected by a cyber attack.
  • Cybercriminals were able to affect backup repositories in 75% of the attacks.
  • It takes a minimum of 3 weeks to recover (per seizure) – after triage.
  • 82% use immutable Clouds, 64% use immutable disks, and tape is still relevant in 2023.
  • 56% of organizations are at risk of reinfection during recovery.
  • 71% would restore to a Cloud, 81% would a data center
  • A secure backup is the only alternative to simply paying a ransom.
Never pay a ransom.

We advise companies not to pay a ransom. This opinion is strongly supported by the statistics from Veeam’s report. First, of 80% of victims who pay the ransom, many fail to recover their data. In addition, companies that pay ransom are at high risk of reinfection. This concerns as many as 56% of organizations during a recovery process. Moreover, 75% of ransomware attacks affect backup repositories, underscoring the critical importance of solid backup systems rather than relying on ransomware as a solution. This data suggests that paying a ransom is often an uncertain and risky strategy that does not guarantee a secure outcome. Instead, organizations are better off investing in secure backup.

A secure backup

How can you ensure that your backup is secured that extra step? Less than 25% of victims reported that their backup repositories were not affected by the cyber attack. This highlights the importance of measures such as immutability or airgapping to ensure that backup repositories cannot be compromised by cybercriminals.

With the
Silent Brick
system you are assured of data security even in the event of a ransomware attack. Because of its physical airgap, a backup is available at all times that is inaccessible to the hacker. In addition, Silent Bricks offer most immutability technologies, making them a perfect weapon against cyber attacks tailored to your requirements.


The study found that a secure backup is more important than paying a ransom. The main reason for this is that secure backup through immutability and an airgap does provide data guarantee, where paying ransom does not provide data guarantee. Looking for ways to secure your backup against ever-increasing cyber threats? Then quickly inquire about the Silent Bricks!

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